Instrument computer setup guide

The setup process for the instrument computers (ICC, RTC, AOC) is automated (to the extent possible) by scripts in the setup/ folder of magao-x/MagAOX.

Unfortunately, not everything can be automated when real hardware is involved. To set up a new instrument computer, follow the steps below. Once the BIOS and OS are setup, you can run the provisioning scripts.

Real Time control Computer (RTC) and Instrument Control Computer (ICC)

Follow the steps in Controller operating system setup from BIOS configuration through OS install and first boot.

Adaptive optics Operator Computer (AOC)

Follow the steps in Workstation operating system setup from BIOS configuration through OS install and first boot.

Perform (mostly) automated provisioning

Log in via ssh as a normal user with sudo access.

  1. Clone magao-x/MagAOX into your home directory (not into /opt/MagAOX, yet)

    $ cd
    $ git clone
  2. Switch to the setup subdirectory in the MagAOX directory you cloned (in this example: ~/MagAOX/setup) to perform pre-provisioning steps (i.e. steps requiring a reboot to take effect)

    $ cd ~/MagAOX/setup
    $ ./

    This sets up an xsup user and the magaox and magaox-dev groups. Because this step adds whoever ran it to magaox-dev, you will have to log out and back in.

    RTC/ICC only: This step installs the CentOS realtime kernel and updates the kernel command line for ALPAO compatibility reasons. You must reboot before continuing.

  3. Reboot, verify groups

    $ sudo reboot
    [log in again]
    $ groups
    yourname magaox-dev ...
  4. (optional) Install tmux for convenience

    tmux allows you to preserve a running session across ssh disconnection and reconnection. (Ten second tutorial: Running tmux with no arguments starts a new self-contained session. Ctrl-b followed by d detatches from it, while any scripts you started continue to run. The tmux attach command reattaches.)

    On RTC/ICC:

    $ sudo yum install -y tmux

    On AOC:

    $ sudo apt install -y tmux

    (It’s used by the system, so it’ll get installed anyway, but you might want it when you run the install.)

    To start a new session for the installation:

    $ tmux
  5. Run the provisioning script as a normal user

    $ cd ~/MagAOX/setup
    $ bash ./

    If you installed and invoked tmux in the previous step, this would be a good time to Ctrl-b + d and go get a coffee.

Successful provisioning will end with the message “Finished!” and installed copies of MagAOX and its dependencies.