ocam2KCtrl − Controls an OCAM 2K EMCCD


ocam2KCtrl [options]

ocam2KCtrl is normally configured with a configuration file, hence all command-line arguments are optional. But note that if the -n name option is not given, then a configuration file named ocam2KCtrl.conf must be available at the MagAO-X standard config path.


ocam2KCtrl controls the OCAM 2K EMCCD, which serves as the pyramid wavefront sensor detector in MagAO-X. It monitors and logs temperatures, configures the camera for the desired mode of operation, and manages the grabbing and processing of frames. It is a MagAO-X standard camera, an EDT camera, and a standard framegrabber.


ocam2KCtrl accepts the standard options

ocam2KCtrl accepts the standard camera options

ocam2KCtrl accepts the EDT camera options

ocam2KCtrl accepts the framegrabber options

* format in the config file column is section.option which implies the format


in the config file.

INDI Properties

Read-Only INDI Properties

list them here

Read-Write INDI Properties

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Exit Status

ocam2KCtrl runs until killed. Use the logdump utility to examine the process log for errors.


To start the ocam2KCtrl as the Pyramid WFS camera:

/opt/MagAOX/bin/ocam2KCtrl -n camwfs

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