sshDigger − the MagAO-X SSH tunnel manager


$ sshDigger [options] -n tunnel_name

The tunnel_name denotes the section in the configuration file(s) which contains the specification of the tunnel. sshDigger is normally configured via a base configuration file, hence all other command-line arguments are optional.


sshDigger uses the autossh utility to form a robust SSH tunnel or port forward to a remote host. In addition, the forked autossh process is monitored, and if it dies a new one is created.

The base configuration is normally located at /opt/MagAOX/config/sshTunnels.conf. It should contain options applicable to all tunnels, as well as the tunnel definitions themselves.

The tunnel name must be specified with the -n command line option.

This app does not require that an instance specific configuration tunnel_name.conf be available. If one is available matching the name given with the -n tunnel_name option, then any settings contained therein will override those given in the base config file.

Tunnel Specification

Tunnels are specified by a section in the configuration files, normally the base sshTunnels.conf file. The section must have the following members



  • resolvable_name is an ip address or host name. This can include a user name user@ at the beginning if needed.

  • X denotes the integer local port number.

  • Y denotes the integer remote port number

This results in ssh being started with

$ ssh -nNTL X:localhost:Y resolvable_name

by the autossh utility.


Short Long Config-File* Type Description
-c --config config string A local config file
-h --help none Print this message and exit
-p --loopPause loopPause unsigned long The main loop pause time in ns
-P --RTPriority RTPriority unsigned The real-time priority (0-99)
-L --logDir logger.logDir string The directory for log files
--logExt logger.logExt string The extension for log files
--maxLogSize logger.maxLogSize string The maximum size of log files
--writePause logger.writePause unsigned long The log thread pause time in ns
--logThreadPrio logger.logThreadPrio int The log thread priority
-l --logLevel logger.logLevel string The log level
-n --name name string The name of the application, specifies config.

TODO: add more of the config options, make -n required.

* format in the config file column is section.option which implies the format:


in the config file.

INDI Properties

This app does not use INDI.

Exit Status

sshDigger runs until killed, and will restart autossh, which in turn restarts ssh, as long as it is running. Use the logdump utility to examine the process log for errors.


To create an SSH tunnel for magaox_aoc_to_rtc_indi:

$ /opt/MagAOX/bin/sshDigger -n magaox_aoc_to_rtc_indi

Which expects a configuration entry of the form:


This then securely forwards traffic from localhost:7630 to the INDI server on rtc:7624.

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