Operation of the MagAO-X instrument

Troubleshooting a MagAO-X app that won’t start

The typical MagAO-X app is started with magaox_procstart.sh $ROLE, which parses a config file in /opt/MagAOX/config/proclist_$ROLE.txt to determine which applications should be started and which config file from /opt/MagAOX/config should be supplied as the -n option (see Standard options).

Many, if not all, MagAO-X apps are intended to run “forever” (i.e until shutdown). Obviously, if the process exits early, that’s cause for concern. To interrogate the list of running processes, use magaox_status.sh $ROLE. To attempt a restart, you can attach to the tmux session that’s the parent of the process in question.

For example, if trippLitePDU is started by magaox_procstart.sh with -n pdu0 and there’s a syntax error in /opt/MagAOX/config/pdu0.conf preventing startup, you can attach with

yourlogin$ su xsup
xsup$ tmux at -t pdu0

The errors before exit, if any, will be in the log. The last few lines of the log are shown in magaox_status.sh output, or you can do logdump pdu0.

The command that started the app will be of the form /opt/MagAOX/bin/$appName -n $configName. You can use the up-arrow key in the tmux session to retrieve it from the shell history and try to relaunch once you’ve corrected whatever error was preventing startup.

Adding a new user or developer account

User accounts on the RTC, ICC, and AOC machines are members of magaox. Developer accounts are additionally members of magaox-dev and wheel.

/opt/MagAOX/source/MagAOX/setup/ contains scripts to help you remember which groups and what permissions the ~/.ssh folder should have.


Creates a new user account in the group magaox, creates .ssh (u=rwx,g=r,o=r), and .ssh/authorized_keys (u=rw,g=,o=).


$ /opt/MagAOX/source/MagAOX/setup/add_a_user.sh klmiller


Just like add_a_user.sh (in fact, uses it). Additionally adds the new account to the wheel (RTC/ICC) or sudo (AOC) group and magaox-dev groups.