MagAO-X Preliminary Design Review

Table of Contents
1 Introduction
2 Optical and Mechanical Design
     2.1 Overall Design
     2.2 WFS Design
     2.3 Alignment Plan
     2.4 Shipping Plan
     2.5 MEMS Specification and Status
     2.6 MEMS DM Environment and Safety
3 Electronics, Computers, and Software
     3.1 Electronics Design
     3.2 Computers and Data Management
     3.3 Software Design
4 AO Control and Simulations
     4.1 AO Control and Simulations
     4.2 Low-Order and Focal-Plane Wavefront Sensing and Control
5 Optical Performance
     5.1 Optics Specifications
     5.2 vAPP Coronagraph Design
     5.3 Fresnel Propagation Analysis
     5.4 System Throughput
6 Management and Budget


A Telescope Interfaces
     A.1 Optical
     A.2 Mechanical
     A.3 Electrical
     A.4 Cooling
     A.5 Software

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