Extreme Adaptive Optics on the Giant Magellan Telescope

GMagAO-X is our concept for an "extreme" adaptive optics (AO) system for the Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT). With 21,000 actuators controlled at over 2000 Hz, GMagAO-X will deliver high-Strehl and high-contrast images at visible wavelengths, harnessing the high spatial resolution made possible by the GMT's 25 m aperture.

A key aspect of this concept is that it is based on technology which is already available today. We will use existing deformable mirrors and existing wavefront sensor detectors, which will allow us to plan for GMagAO-X to deploy to the telescope very early in the project.

Projected Performance and Science Cases

How well will it work, and what will we do with it?

High Strehl and High Contrast

Exoplanet Imaging

Extreme-AO w/ 25 meters