Compute System

The MagAO-X computing system.

Computer Architecture

The computers that run MagAO-X are:

  • The Instrument Control Computer (ICC)

  • The Real Time control Computer (RTC)

  • The Adaptive optics Operator Computer (AOC) TODO

While on the University of Arizona network, the RTC is known as ( and the ICC as ( Both ICC and RTC run modified Linux kernels optimized for low and predictable latency.

Real Time Controller

Responsible for wavefront sensing and control, and directly connected to the HOWFS detector and deformable mirrors. The operation of the control loop depends on CACAO: Compute And Control for Adaptive Optics authored by Olivier Guyon and collaborators.

Instrument Control Computer

Responsible for functions that do not depend on strong realtime constraints, including LOWFS, configuring and reading out science cameras, etc.