Removing MagAO-X from the Telescope

This procedure describes how to remove the MagAO-X instrument on the Magellan Clay Telescope.

Estimated Time to Complete: 2 hours

This document can be downloaded as a PDF: Removing MagAO-X from the Telescope

Initial Conditions

  • [ ] Instrument on Magellan Clay Nasmyth Platform, operating.


  • [ ] Shutdown MagAO-X

  • [ ] Turn off table legs and remove air connection

  • [ ] Remove all cables

    • See detailed procedure for removing 2K DM cables

  • [ ] Electronics Rack

    • [ ] Ensure that roll-out shelves are restrained

    • [ ] Close and lock doors

    • [ ] Tape keys down

  • [ ] Instrument

    • [ ] Remove eyepiece

    • [ ] Remove bumpers and pusher hardware

    • [ ] Turn off blower, and remove hose

    • [ ] Tape over any exposed holes (from cables, etc)

    • [ ] Secure any loose cables

    • [ ] Shrink wrap the instrument

    • [ ] Install solar blanked over shrink wrap

  • [ ] Cart and Rigging

    • [ ] Verify all cart hardware is in-hand

    • [ ] Verify two wire harnesses are in hand

    • [ ] Partially assemble cart, leaving one long side off

    • [ ] Store cart out of the way so table can roll into unpacking area

Rig Onto Cart

  • [ ] Position the telescope so that the elevator has access to the NASE platform

  • [ ] Lower table legs onto the casters by turning the 16 leveling bolts, and remove the metal pads

  • [ ] Roll the instrument away from the telescope

    NOTE: At least 4 people required, 2 to push, 2 to hold the cleanroom sides open

  • [ ] Move the cart, currently with 3 sides, around the legs

    • CAUTION: be careful to not bump the legs with the cart

  • [ ] Attach the 4th side of the cart

  • [ ] Ensure that the 8 large bolts on the cart are snug but not tight

  • [ ] Attach the lifting wire-harness to each side of the cart

  • [ ] Attach the load spreader with straight extensions to the crane, using a crane scale

    The load spreader attached to the crane for lifting the cart

  • [ ] Place the load spreader in the center position (the cart is symmetric)

  • [ ] Lift the load spreader, and position it over the instrument

  • [ ] Being careful to not bump the instrument, lower the load spreader and attach the lifting harness D rings. Use 2x shackles to extend the length to reach the cart on the floor.

    Lifting harnesses attached with shackle extensions

  • [ ] Position a person at each corner of the cart

    CAUTION: Do not allow the cart to bump the legs or the table uncontrolled

  • [ ] Slowly lift the cart (320 lbs) until it is touching the bottom of the table

    The cart being lifted to the bottom of the table.

  • [ ] Install the 8 bolts attaching the cart to the table. Loosen bolts on the cart as needed.

  • [ ] Once the cart is bolted to the table bottom, while 320 lbs is still on the crane, tighten all cart bolts. Do not over-tighten, make 1/4 turn after the washers are no longer free. This is to avoid excessive stress on the table.

  • [ ] Install the triangle stabilizing ropes between the crane hook and the lifting fixture IAW the below figure. Tighten, but do not cause them to pick the load.

    The triangle stabilizing ropes should be tight, but not become the lifting point for the load.

    CAUTION: be sure that the load spread does not hit the cart when being repositioned.

  • [ ] Reposition the load spreader center to the instrument + cart position marked on it.

  • [ ] Ensure that there is room to move the legs out from under the table, opening the garage door into the cleanroom if necessary.

  • [ ] Position a person at each corner of the cart to stabilize it during the lift.

  • [ ] Position two people to remove the legs from under the table

  • [ ] Lift the table off the legs. The weight of the table + cart is 1920 lbs

  • [ ] Move the legs out from under the table.

    The cart and instrument ready to be set down on the wheels, with legs out of the way.

  • [ ] Set the cart down on its wheels.

  • [ ] Move MagAO-X onto the elevator, and remove from the dome

  • [ ] When cart is on concrete outside Clay, move very slowly to avoid excessive vibration

Transport MagAO-X To The Clean room

  • [ ] Ensure that the lift gate at the summit has been adjusted for slow smooth operation as is done for the asm

  • [ ] Push MagAO-X onto the lift-gate

  • [ ] Raise the lift-gate to the height of the flatbed truck

  • [ ] Move MagAO-X onto the truck, using the come-along

    MagAO-X will be loaded at the telescope using the lift gate, adjusted for slow operation as it is for the ASM.

  • [ ] Secure the instrument by strapping the cart down at 4 points as illustrated in the below figure.

    MagAO-X will be strapped to the Isuzu similarly to how the ASM is transported.

  • [ ] Slowly drive the truck to the cleanroom

  • [ ] Back the flatbed truck up to the lift gate.

  • [ ] Next, using the come-along, carefully move MagAO-X onto the lift gate.

  • [ ] If the legs were not moved, return to the with the flatbed and move the legs to the telescope.

Install MagAO-X On The Platform

Transport Electronics

  • [ ] remove the earthquake bar

  • [ ] Move the rack to the lift gate, and load it on the pickup.

  • [ ] place foam between the rack side and the truck to protect cable connectors

    The electronics rack has many delicate connectors on the side.

  • [ ] strap the rack securely to the truck

    The rack on a truck for transport.

  • [ ] drive the truck to the cleanroom

  • [ ] unload the rack using the lift gate

Remove AOC from Control Room

  • [ ] power down AOC

  • [ ] remove monitors and pack

  • [ ] move AOC to cleanroom.