System Shutdown

Before removal of the instrument from the telescope, or when shutting the computers down completely for hardware maintenance, follow these additional steps.

ICC and RTC Shutdown

After powering off everything but the exceptions mentioned in Daily Shutdown, use xctrl shutdown –all on ICC and RTC to stop the MagAO-X apps.

On each of ICC and RTC: Using an account with sudo access (in other words, not xsup), issue sudo shutdown -h now to take the system down.

Total Shutdown (for packing, etc.)

After ICC and RTC are shutdown, you can power off the remaining items in the rack using pwrGUI. Note: you must do this before shutting down AOC.

AOC Shutdown

Note: if AOC is shutdown, you will not have power control of the rack. Only perform this step if that’s ok with you.

On AOC: Close up all the GUIs (hint: killall rtimv to close all the image viewers). Then xctrl shutdown –all in a terminal. Now, switching to an account with sudo access, issue sudo shutdown -h now to take the system down.