System shutdown

End-of-work shutdown

After a night of observing or a day of lab work, follow these steps.

  • Close camera shutters

  • Stop cooling / begin warming up cameras to 20ºC

  • Zero all DM channels, release DM

  • Power down DM

  • From the pupil alignment interface, make sure that the modulation and centering (tip/tilt modulation) is in “RIP” status, or click “rest” to make it Rest In Peace

  • Likewise, the pupil steering mirror should be rested

  • Wait for cameras to warm to ≥20ºC

  • Power down cameras

  • Power down everything else, except for:
    • computers (compicc, comprtc)

    • cooling (instcool)

    • network switch (swinst)

    • blower (blower)

    • Note: Until fixed, leave fwscind and fwtelsim on both USB and DC power to avoid unplanned ICC shutdown.

Full shutdown

Before removal of the instrument from the telescope, or when shutting the computers down completely for hardware maintenance, follow these additional steps.