Daily Shutdown

These procedures are used for shutting down MagAO-X at the end of a work day.

Minimal shutdown

This procedure can be used if you expect to startup in a few hours, right away the next day, etc.

The main goal here is to shutoff “the expensive stuff”. Namely:

  • dmtweeter

  • dmwoofer

  • dmncpc

  • camwfs

  • camsci1

  • camsci2

  • camlowfs

  • ttmmod

  • ttmpupil

  • do not power off a DM unless it has been released

  • do not power off a camera unless its temp is 20C or higher

  • do not power off instcool!

  • steps can be done in parrallel, so start warming up cameras, go on, then come back

Cameras (each of camsci1 camsci2 camlowfs camwfs):
  • close the shutter

  • warm up to 20C (use cameraGUI, change setpoint)

  • wait for it to finish

  • power off

  • note: for camlowfs, power off under both pdu1 and usbdu0.

  • open the loop

  • press “loop zero”

  • zero flat

  • zero all ch

  • release

  • power off

dmwoofer and dmncpc
  • zero flat

  • zero all ch

  • release

  • power off

  • if modulating, first press set in Pupil Alignment GUI

  • press rest

  • power off in Power GUI

  • press rest in Pupil Alignment GUI

  • power off

  • power off camtip (its just a heater)

  • power off source

  • power off tableair

Remaining devices such as focus stages and filter wheels can be left on, which will make alignment easier next time.

Standard Daily Shutdown

If MagAO-X will be unused for a longer period of time (say a weekend), we typically shut down everything but computers, networking and cooling.

At the end of this, the following things will still be on:

  • pdu0.compicc

  • pdu0.comprtc

  • pdu0.dcpwr

  • pdu0.swinst

  • pdu3.blower

  • pdu3.fanaux

  • pdu3.fanmain

  • pdu3.instcool

Note: it is critical that you not shutdown instcool while compicc and/or comprtc are on!

Follow the steps in “Minimal Shutdown” above. Also do the following.

fwtelsim and fwscind:

  • first power off on usbdu0

  • then power off on dcdu1

Everything else (except the items listed above) can be shutdown in any order. Occassional errors in the logs during shutdown may occur.