MagAOX::app::dev Namespace Reference


struct  cameraConfig
 A camera configuration. More...
class  dm
class  dssShutter
 MagAO-X Uniblitz DSS Shutter interface. More...
class  edtCamera
 MagAO-X EDT framegrabber interface. More...
class  frameGrabber
struct  ioDevice
 An input/output capable device. More...
struct  outletController
 A generic outlet controller. More...
class  shmimMonitor
struct  shmimT
class  stdCamera
 MagAO-X standard camera interface. More...
class  stdMotionStage
 MagAO-X standard motion stage interface. More...
struct  telemeter
 A device which saves telemetry. More...


typedef std::unordered_map< std::string, cameraConfigcameraConfigMap


template<typename typeT >
constexpr uint8_t ImageStreamTypeCode ()
constexpr uint8_t ImageStreamTypeCode< float > ()
constexpr uint8_t ImageStreamTypeCode< double > ()
std::string stateIntToString (int st)
int loadCameraConfig (cameraConfigMap &ccmap, mx::app::appConfigurator &config)
 Load the camera configurations contained in the app configuration into a map. More...

Class Documentation

◆ MagAOX::app::dev::cameraConfig

struct MagAOX::app::dev::cameraConfig

A camera configuration.

a.k.a. a mode

Definition at line 31 of file stdCamera.hpp.

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Class Members
unsigned m_binningX
unsigned m_binningY
unsigned m_centerX
unsigned m_centerY
string m_configFile The file to use for this mode, e.g. an EDT configuration file.
float m_maxFPS
string m_serialCommand The command to send to the camera to place it in this mode.
unsigned m_sizeX
unsigned m_sizeY

Typedef Documentation

◆ cameraConfigMap

typedef std::unordered_map<std::string, cameraConfig> MagAOX::app::dev::cameraConfigMap

Definition at line 45 of file stdCamera.hpp.

Function Documentation

◆ ImageStreamTypeCode()

template<typename typeT >
constexpr uint8_t MagAOX::app::dev::ImageStreamTypeCode ( )

Definition at line 29 of file dm.hpp.

◆ ImageStreamTypeCode< double >()

constexpr uint8_t MagAOX::app::dev::ImageStreamTypeCode< double > ( )

Definition at line 41 of file dm.hpp.

◆ ImageStreamTypeCode< float >()

constexpr uint8_t MagAOX::app::dev::ImageStreamTypeCode< float > ( )

Definition at line 35 of file dm.hpp.

◆ loadCameraConfig()

int MagAOX::app::dev::loadCameraConfig ( cameraConfigMap ccmap,
mx::app::appConfigurator &  config 

Load the camera configurations contained in the app configuration into a map.

[out]ccmap[out] the map in which to place the configurations found in config
[in]config[in] the application configuration structure

Definition at line 18 of file stdCamera.cpp.

Referenced by MagAOX::app::dev::stdCamera< ocam2KCtrl >::loadConfig().

◆ stateIntToString()

std::string MagAOX::app::dev::stateIntToString ( int  st)