Stages and filter wheels

Stages and filter wheels are controlled by apps derived from the stdMotionStage implementation, meaning they share some common properties and options.


filterWheelCtrl controls an MCBL 3006S based filter wheel for MagAO-X. As of Dec, 2018, there are 6 such wheels in MagAO-X. This program communicates with the MCBL 3006S controller via USB. It monitors the position and motion status of the wheel, and via INDI accepts commands to home and change wheel position.


Short Long Config-File Type Description
--power.device power.device string Device controlling power for this app's device (INDI name).
--power.outlet power.outlet string Outlet (or channel) on device for this app's device (INDI name).
--power.element power.element string INDI element name. Default is "state", only need to specify if different.
--usb.idVendor usb.idVendor string USB vendor id, 4 digits
--usb.idProduct usb.idProduct string USB product id, 4 digits
--usb.serial usb.serial string USB serial number
--usb.baud usb.baud real USB tty baud rate (i.e. 9600)
--timeouts.write timeouts.write int The timeout for writing to the device [msec]. Default = 1000 int The timeout for reading the device [msec]. Default = 1000
--motor.acceleration motor.acceleration real The motor acceleration parameter. Default=1000.
--motor.speed motor.speeed real The motor speed parameter. Default=1000.
--motor.circleSteps motor.circleSteps long The number of steps in 1 revolution.
--motor.homeOffset motor.homeOffset long The homing offset in motor counts.
--motor.powerOnHome motor.powerOnHome bool If true, home at startup/power-on. Default=false.
--filters.names filters.names vector of strings The names of the filters.
--filters.positions filters.positions vector of doubles The positions of the filters. If omitted or 0 then order is used.