logdump − prints MagAO-X binary log files in a readable format.


logdump [options] appname


logdump reads the log file(s) for the app specified with appname. Possible modes of operation are:

  • Print entries from all log files present (default if no other options are given)

  • Print just the N most recent files, specified with `–nfiles``

  • Follow the application’s logs, printing each new entry untill logdump is killed.

  • In any of these cases, the minimum log level can be specified.

  • In any of these cases, the output can be limited to a specific event code or set of codes.

logdump by default looks in the MagAO-X system log directory, normally /opt/MagAOX/logs. This can be changed with thte --dir option.


Short Long Config-File Type Description
-c --config config string A local config file
-h --help none Print this message and exit
-p --pauseTime pauseTime int When following, time in milliseconds to pause before checking for new entries.
-F --fileCheckInterval fileCheckInterval int When following, number of pause intervals between checks for new files.
-d --dir dir string Directory to search for logs. MagAO-X default is normally used.
-e --ext ext string The file extension of log files. MagAO-X default is normally used.
-n --nfiles nfiles int Number of log files to dump. If 0, then all matching files dumped. Default: 0, 1 if following.
-f --follow follow bool Follow the log, printing new entries as they appear.
-L --level level int/string Minimum log level to dump, either an integer or a string. -1/TELEMETRY [the default], 0/DEFAULT, 1/D1/DBG1/DEBUG2, 2/D2/DBG2/DEBUG1,3/INFO,4/WARNING,5/ERROR,6/CRITICAL,7/FATAL. Note that only the mininum unique string is required.
-C --code code int vector The event code, or vector of codes, to dump. If not specified, all codes are dumped. See logCodes.hpp for a complete list of codes.

Exit Status

How logdump exits depends on the mode of operation. If it is printing all or a set number of log files, it will exit normally after printing the last entry. If it is following a log, it will not exit until signaled (e.g. with ctrl-c).


To dump all the log entries for the application trippLitePDU0:

$ logdump trippLitePDU0

To dump just the last 2 log files:

$ logdump -n 2 trippLitePDU0

To show only log entries with level WARNING or higher:

$ logdump -n2 -L W trippLitePDU0

To show only specific log entries, in this case change of PDU outlet state, run:

$ logdump -C 12001,12002 trippLitePDU0

To follow the log, showing log level WARNING or higher:

$ logdump -L W -f trippLitePDU0

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